Dr. Kevin Patrizio O.D.

Dr. Kevin Patrizio

Dr. Kevin Patrizio graduated from the prestigious New England College Optometry in Boston, MA, where he was one of two who were selected to complete a concentration in Cornea and Contact Lenses. Upon graduation, he practiced in one of the top ophthalmology practices in the northeast. He is excited to bring his knowledge in dry eye, keratoconus, corneal ectasias, pediatrics and ocular disease back to New York. Dr. Patrizio received his training at some of the top clinical sites throughout the United States, where he became well versed at fitting contacts such as scleral lenses, orthokeratology, multifocal lenses, as well as hybrid, soft and RGP lenses. Because of his experience, he is extremely proficient in prescribing the proper care, treatments, and optical solutions needed to achieve optimal health.