Neurolens is the first and only prescription lenses that include contoured progressive prisms in their design. This prism is designed to help misaligned eyes relax when doing tasks that involve convergence such as looking at a phone or computer, reading a book etc. Symptoms associated with these tasks such as eye strain, fatigue, headaches, motion sickness, vertigo and light sensitivity can be alleviated with Neurolens.

How Does Neurolens Work?
As well as containing your usual prescription, Neurolens lenses also contain a specific amount of contoured micro-prism. This micro-prism alters the position of images so that the eyes are not forced to converge as much. This then reduces the pressure on the muscles around the eyes as well as bringing the eyes into a more relaxed alignment, easing the symptoms that the patient has been experiencing.

How is it Calculated?
The amount of prism in Neurolens lenses is decided using a Neurolens eye-tracking device, specifically the N3. This non-invasive virtual headset measures the misalignment of the eyes at a variety of positions and is used to form the basis for the patient’s Neurolens prescription. After this, the doctor will prescribe the correct amount of prism needed to achieve the optimal relief from your symptoms.

Neurolens has been able to free many patients from debilitating symptoms that previously they have not found a treatment for. Here at FKR we pride ourselves in having the best technology, like Neurolens, to give our patients the finest care. Please feel free to contact our office at anytime to try this technology.