Are you struggling with fluctuations in vision quality? Or symptoms associated with dry eye such as burning, tearing, or redness. It is possible you are suffering from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD. MGD is an underlying clogging of meibomian glands (the oil glands in your lids) which are responsible for maintaining the lipid/oil layer in your tear film. This oil layer is imperative for maintaining normal homeostasis on the surface of your eye.

Lipiflow is an FDA approved treatment for MGD, which is the main cause of dry eye disease. Lipiflow works via two sterile single use activators that massage and heat the meibomian glands found within your lids. The 12 minute procedure will help dissolve and unclog the obstructions within the glands, back to a more high functioning state. Typically this treatment is repeated every 6 months to a year to maintain regular anatomical function, in addition to other at home therapies.

Dry Eye treatments can be multifactorial and complex, but here at FKR, we personalize and simplify every treatment to meet the needs of each of our patients! We look forward to helping you at your next visit!