Have you been diagnosed with migraines and have minimal relief with your current therapy? You are not alone. According to the NIH almost 1.1 billion people suffer from Migraines. To date there has only been pharmacological treatments to migraines, this is no longer the case with Avulux Migraine Lenses. Avulux has created an evidenced based ophthalmic lens that helps not only decrease migraine symptoms but may control the symptoms by reducing potential triggers.

How does this work? To put it simply, we have certain cells in the back of our eye that get triggered when a specific wavelength of light stimulates those cells. When the cells are stimulated they release a protein called melanopsin. This activation (according to a study from 2010) is the source of your light sensitivity symptoms during migraines. Avulux works by blocking this wavelength of light which in turn will prevent migraines from occurring and/or diminish symptoms while having an attack.

Avulux can be worn at any time, as they do not negatively alter your lifestyle in any way. By wearing these lenses, you can face any wavelength of light, and feel comfortable on your computer without having to worry about migraines. Avulux will have you feeling confident that your brain and eyes are working together and are protected, allowing you to be at your best!

If you would like to inquire more about Avulux Migraine Lenses, please give our office a call and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We currently have Avulux lenses in-office for try-on in a variety of designs. We also have the ability to put them in a frame of your choice. Here at FKR, we look forward to stopping your migraines before they happen!