Who Can Benefit from Neurolens? Identifying Candidates for Neurolens Technology

Neurolens technology is a revolutionary advancement in the field of vision correction. It is a breakthrough lens design that helps alleviate the symptoms associated with eye misalignment and eye strain. With the use of Neurolens technology, eye doctors can now provide their patients with a more accurate prescription that addresses not only their visual acuity but also the underlying causes of their discomfort and fatigue.

How Does Neurolens Technology Work?

Neurolens technology works by utilizing a specialized lens design that incorporates small amounts of contoured prism. These prisms help to align the eyes properly, reducing the strain caused by eye misalignment. By incorporating Neurolens lenses, the eyes are encouraged to work together more seamlessly, resulting in improved visual comfort and reduced symptoms.

The lenses are custom-made for each individual based on their specific needs and prescription requirements. Your eye doctor will perform a thorough examination to determine the appropriate amount of prism required for each lens.

Who Can Benefit from Neurolens Lenses?

Neurolens technology can benefit a wide range of individuals who experience symptoms related to eye strain and misalignment. Those who spend a significant amount of time working on digital devices, such as computer programmers, graphic designers, and office workers, often experience symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain, and neck pain. Neurolens technology can provide relief by addressing the underlying cause of these symptoms.

In addition, those who engage in near visual tasks, such as reading or writing for extended periods, may also benefit from Neurolens technology.

Also, those individuals who suffer from binocular vision disorders such as convergence insufficiency, can also benefit from Neurolens technology.

Identifying Your Candidacy for Neurolens

If you are experiencing symptoms related to eye strain or misalignment, the first step in determining your candidacy for Neurolens technology is to schedule a consultation with an eye doctor at Drs Farkas, Kassalow and Resnick. During this consultation, the optometrist will perform a comprehensive examination of your eyes, including assessing your visual acuity and determining the presence of any underlying eye conditions.

We will also evaluate your symptoms and discuss your lifestyle and visual demands. This information will help them determine whether you are a good candidate for Neurolens technology. If it is determined that Neurolens technology is a suitable option for you, we will then proceed with measuring the required amount of prism for your lenses.

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