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Ortho-K Testimonial

I was 11 when I first came to this practice’s Roslyn location after failing my eye screening in the fifth grade. My mom was a long-time patient, and her near-sighted genes were passed on to me, so going to the eye doctor became a family affair. From my first appointment, we decided to go ahead with ortho-k contact lenses because of the many benefits it had. I was an athlete, spent a lot of time reading or studying, and had environmental allergies – all of which were made easier by wearing contact lenses at night rather than during the day. The best part of all is that I am now 23 and my eye prescription has been stable and pretty much the same as what it was 12 years ago.

When I tell people about my ortho-k lenses, they either are shocked that such a lens exists or don’t believe me. At sleepovers, my friends were always amazed at how I was putting in my hard lenses while they were taking their soft lenses out. Even with the lenses in, I watch TV comfortably while I drift into sleep and let the lenses do their thing. On lazy mornings, I leave the lenses in while I doom scroll on my phone until I finally get out of bed. I am still amazed at how great my vision is when I take them out. To be able to see clearly without anything during the day is so beneficial for my lifestyle. I am extremely grateful that I have been able to wear these lenses, and I plan on continuing to wear them for as long as I can!

The icing on the cake is that this practice, because of the process and follow-up appointments, has become like family to me. The doctors and technicians have been incredible all these years and always addressed any questions I had. When I had concerns about skipping a night of sleeping in the lenses, they calculated a glasses prescription that would work for a one-day reversal of my prescription. When I was having severe allergies, we worked out a way to temporarily wear soft lenses until they resolved. I know that this practice always has my back. For all these reasons, I would recommend ortho-k lenses to anyone who is eligible – they are truly life-changing.

- JD - July 26th, 2022