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Glad to find someone who is skilled fitting gas permeable contacts!
2 weeks ago
- Eric S.
I couldn't take one of my RGP lenses out. Called the office and they told me to come right in asap. Did so. They got the lens out, Dr. Rosin was available to check my eyes which were an allergic mess, treated me and made me feel so much better. Wonderful!
1 month ago
- Joyce K.
The place has a friendly staff members The Dr. Patrizio was very good took his time to explain everything
2 months ago
- Talia R.
Excellent experience. Dr. Resnick is thorough and wonderful. The office staff is patient, kind and helpful. Always a pleasure visiting the office for an eye exam.
2 months ago
- Jana C.
the staff was wonderful
2 months ago
- Ken N.
Dr. Patrizio is an excellent diagnostician! He takes his time and gets to the bottom of the problem. The whole office works together beautifully and it’s a very professional yet warm experience.
2 months ago
- Meralee S.
They kept me waiting longer than they had to, with a fairly empty waiting room. Thought that was a bit inconsiderate. But otherwise, fine work.
2 months ago
- Taylor R.