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Dr. Priya Patel specializes in the management of patients facing complex ocular diseases. She is well versed in fitting custom lenses to patients facing challenges of keratoconus,corneal ectasias, irregular astigmatism, corneal transplants, or post refractive surgery complications. Dr. Patel fits scleral lenses (inclusive of EyePrintPro), gas permeable lenses, hybrid lenses, and custom soft lenses as well.

Dr. Patel has completed the Brien Holden Vision Institute courses, and is well versed in pediatric myopia management such as orthokeratology (overnight reshaping lenses), atropine therapy, etc. She has been able to provide numerous patients with alleviation of their dry eye symptoms through various treatment regimens and therapies available in our office. Most recently, Dr. Patel has incorporated neurolens (R) technologies into her practice, and has significantly helped her patients suffering from headaches and eyestrain.

She has published articles, presented posters, and host workshops for other doctors in the field of specialty contact lens fittings. She remains an active member of the American Optometric Association, and the NYS Optometric Association.