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Practice Milestones


We further ramped up our focus on dry eye! We were among the first to offer TearCare, a quick and comfortable in office treatment to unblock clogged oil glands. Healthy oils mean better quality tears! And added to that, we were among the first practices to introduce two new daily disposable contact lenses specifically designed to attract and hold moisture to the lens surface, promoting a longer day of comfortable wear!


We became the first practice in NYS to offer Neurolens technology, which provides symptomatic relief for patients dealing with eyestrain, headaches, and neck pains.


Our practice was instrumental in designing and launching a scleral multifocal lens. This lens allows patients who have corneal irregularities or ocular surface issues to enjoy the benefits of multi-distance viewing regardless of age.

We introduced a fully customizable impression technology called EyePrint Pro, for patients with advanced corneal deformities.

We participated in the introduction of daily disposable soft lenses aimed at kids and teens for the management of progressive myopia


Our focus on the worldwide problem of progressive nearsightedness starts right here at home. With studies supporting the benefits of technologies in myopia control, we have embraced several methods of managing this concerning and life-altering condition. As we continue to see more and more of your children and grandchildren, we are offering contact lens options that provide both excellent vision and the added benefit of potentially reducing the degree to which their prescription will change.


We continue to bring innovation in contact lens designs to correct presbyopia – the natural loss of near focusing ability as we age. Combining the convenience and health benefits of daily disposable lenses with optics that permit a natural range of focus restores a more youthful contact lens wearing experience!


Among the first dry eye centers to introduce new state of the art devices for diagnosing and treating eyelid and tear film dysfunction. The key to maintaining ocular and comfort and quality of vision with contact lenses, refractive surgery, cosmetic surgery and for all patients in general is a healthy tear film. We now have an advanced imaging device to analyze the structure and function of the oil producing glands. This is known as Dynamic Meibomian Imaging.

With our new in-office Blephex lid hygiene system, we can help you maintain lids that are free of debris and makeup for longer periods of time, reducing filming on your contact lenses and relieving inflammation in patients with blepharitis.

Among the first practices in the nation to introduce a variety of new daily disposable multifocal contact lenses - including designs from Baush and Lomb, Johnson and Johnson and CooperVision. With more designs now available in more prescriptions, there is surely a lens for you!


A host of new technologies are introduced for irregular corneas. Large lens designs known as semi-sclerals and sclerals allow us to fit even the most challenging corneal shapes. These lenses rest on the conjunctiva ("sclera") and vault over the irregular cornea, restoring a smooth optical surface.

Among the first practices to fit the new Bausch + Lomb Ultra monthly replacement contact lens boasting superior moisture control and high definition optics.

FKR Optical introduces Essilor's new clear Blue Blocker/UV antireflective coating called Crizal ProVencia. It has a 25 E-SPF and is highly recommended for patients who devote hours a day to computer and digital device usage. This most advanced spectacle lens technology helps protect against potentially damaging and eyestrain producing short wavelength light.


Among the first to introduce the next generation in daily disposable contact lenses. Both the Biotrue™ ONEday Lenses and DAILIES TOTAL1® Water Gradient Contacts Lenses feature advanced technology that aims to deliver even more oxygen and moisture throughout the lens wearing day.

Among the first to feature BioColors (Orion Vision Group) custom tinted soft prosthetic contact lenses. This design offers a wide range of iris patterns and colors for restoring a natural appearance to eyes with irregular pupils and/or cloudy corneas due to injury or surgery.


Among the first practices in the U.S. to introduce the revolutionary LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation technology for the treatment of dry eye.


The offices of Drs Farkas, Kassalow and Resnick successfully designed and introduced the WetLens One day contact lens for the exclusive use of their own patient population. This next generation product is made of the patented Safigel material and maximizes vision and handling, while providing for most the definitive 'no feel' contact lens experience available.


Conducted several pre-market practiceal evaluations of the first silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens, now known as One Day AcuvueTruEye by Johnson and Johnson.

Performed practiceal testing for the soon to be introduced Biofinity Multifocal by Coopervision.

The first practice in NYC to offer the computer technology by Carl Zeiss that employs three different computerized functions to completely individualize Zeiss Progressive spectacle lenses to one's individual needs.


Among the first practices to test and introduce the new generation of multifocal contact lenses by CIBAVision known as AirOptix Multifocal.

Incorporated cutting edge technology for evaluating and managing dry eyes with the introduction of tearfilm testing with the TearLab Osmolarity System.


Among the first practices to introduce Bausch and Lomb's redesigned Softlens daily disposable contact lens. Tested and introduced the Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism, offering a new level of of comfort for patients with astigmatism.


Among the first practices in the nation to test and introduce the new Biofinity ultra oxygen permeable lens (CooperVision), a new level of comfort and wearability.


Part of the TLC vision group that introduced the newest Intralase technology that has raised laser vision correction to a new level.


Introduced the new SynergEyes contact lens, a highly oxygen permeable rigid contact lens in the center, surrounded by a soft lens "skirt" in the periphery.


Part of the TLC vision team that intrudeced the first "custom cornea" wavefront laser vision correction in the New York area.

Introduced the Canadian designed prototype of the Ultravue multi-focal soft contact lens, now so commonly prescribed as the Proclear multi-focal.


Among the first specialty cornea and contact lens practices to introduce Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT). This technology employs custom fitted highly oxygen permeable rigid lenses worn only at night.This non-surgical reversible vision correction procedure allows patients to enjoy freedom from spectacles during waking hours.

Worked on the development and introduction of no less than seven types of one day soft lensproducts. We are the #1 prescriber of these products in the nation.


Consultants in the development and introduction of the Ultravue Bifocal Contact Lens currently known as the Frequency Multifocal as licensed by CooperVision.

Professional Advisory Board members of TLC LASER CENTERS in Manhattan and Garden City, Long Island.


Clinical investigators (FDA study) of the first Ultra Gas Permeable Soft Contact Lens eventually to become the first 30 Day Extended Wear Lens without removal.


Clinical investigators for the first generation of ultra high oxygen permeable soft contact lenses in the United States.

Part of the team that developed and introduced the first disposable bifocal contact lens in the world, now known as the ACUVUE BIFOCAL.

Charter members of the TLC LASER CENTERS in Manhattan and Garden City, Long Island.


Following rigorous didactic and practiceal training the Toronto, Canada, introduced the Laser Vision Correction option to our patients in the areas around including New York City and Long Island.


Part of the team that developed and introduced the first contact lens designed for one day usage and disposal, now known as the 1 DAY ACUVUE lens.


Part of the team that developed and introduced disposable contact lenses in the United States, now known as the Acuvue lens.


Consulted in the introduction and development of the first silicon rubber and resin contact lenses.

Clinical investigators for the first astigmatic soft contact lenses in the United States.

Part of the team that developed and introduced the first multi-focal gas permeable contact lens in the United States.


Part of the team that developed and introduced the first extended wear gas permeable rigid contact lens in the United States.


Clinical investigators for the first gas permeable rigid contact lens in the United States.


Part of the team in the development and introduction of the first thin soft contact lens in the world (designed both for daily and overnight use.)