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We help the hard-to-fit patient find their perfect pair of contact lenses

Contact Lens Specialists In New York City And Long Island

Ensuring crisp and comfortable vision is only one part of first-rate eye care. We focus on your specific visual needs and the long-term health of your eyes and visual system. Using the latest in diagnostic technology such as digital imaging, in both our Manhattan and Roslyn locations, our Eye Doctors will thoroughly evaluate your eyes with a comprehensive eye health and vision assessment.

Our trained optical staff looks forward to assisting you in the selection of eyewear to support your vision and lifestyle. Our curated collection of fine European and American frames will ensure you find the look and styles to enhance your appearance and complement your personality. With personalized service, we are confident you’ll head home with sharp vision and a fresh look.

We proudly serve patients from the 5 boroughs of New York City, the Tri-State Area, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, with offices conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Roslyn, NY.

Our Medical Services & Latest Technology

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We specialize in hard-to-fit contact lens patients, Scleral lenses, contacts for OrthoK and employ over 300 types of contact lenses regularly.

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Dry eyes result from a chronic lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye, which can cause vision issues and discomfort.

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We offer Sunglasses, Designer Frames, Specialty Eyewear, Specialty lenses, and more at our Upper East Side and North Shore offices!

Our Team of Eye Doctors

Dr. Jordan Kassalow
Dr. Susan Resnick
Dr. Kevin Patrizio

Over 40 Years of Excellence

Our office was founded in 1958 and, since that time, we continue to be at the forefront of contact lens innovation and clinical care. We work with over 300 types of contact lenses for every imaginable visual need for patients who have keratoconus, corneal transplants, complex prescriptions, dry eyes, multifocal as well as children requiring control of progressive myopia.

Furthermore, as full-scope primary eye care doctors, we can provide you with a full spectrum of services including, routine eye health exams, eyeglass prescriptions, eyeglass frames and lenses, treatment for dry eyes, infections, styes, and any medical issue relating to your eyes.

We now have your records, and we stand ready to welcome you and your family members, to our state-of-the-art office.

Our Specialties

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Myopia Control In Manhattan, New York

Myopia Management is recommended for any child with myopia. This treatment is effective in slowing the progression of myopia in older children and young adults when myopia is expected to progress faster.

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Keratoconus In Manhattan, New York

Keratoconus is an eye condition in which the cornea thins and bulges forward into a cone shape. This leads to a host of symptoms, including blurred and double vision, as well as halos around objects and streaks of light. In this text, we discover its causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Myopia Control In Manhattan, New York
What Is Keratoconus?
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Advanced Technologies

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LipiFlow is the gold standard treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome. The device improves eye health and treats many of the symptoms of Dry Eye.

LipiFlow is one of the most advanced and effective doctor-led procedures for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a common eye condition and the most prevalent root cause of severe Dry Eye Syndrome.

MGD can be caused by several factors, such as age, ethnicity, corrective lens use, high cholesterol, bacterial infection, and even certain medications. MGD can range from being a relatively minor nuisance to completely debilitating to your quality of life.

Learn More About LipiFlow Treatment For Dry Eye
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Over 150 5-Star Reviews
I have been going to Dr. Resnick for years and just LOVE her. She’s a great doctor, as well as incredibly nice with a great sense of humor!! The staff is friendly and very efficient. I wouldn’t go to any other eye doctor!!!
2 weeks ago
- Cathy C.
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