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We proudly serve patients from the 5 boroughs of New York City, the Tri-State Area, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, with offices conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Roslyn, NY.

The Optical at FKR features both trendy and traditional frame styles selected from the most exciting collections on the world's market.

Combine your most flattering look in spectacles with the most recent advances in optical science and technology.

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The warm, friendly and professional service you have come to rely upon for your eye care needs, you can now expect for all your eyeglass needs.

  • Incredible selection of frame shapes, styles and colors by top designers.
  • Our very own line of quality-manufactured frames, but at significant savings.
  • Partnering with state of the art optical laboratories featuring manufacturers such as Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor and Shamir.
  • Digital technology which allows you to see yourself in your frame selection and/or consult with a trusted off-site advisor.
  • Magnetic clip-on polarized sunglass lenses that are custom fabricated for your new frame.
  • Expert advice, latest material, best optics, UV coatings and optimum fit.

Beating the Blues...

We are all aware of the importance of protecting our eyes from Ultraviolet light year round. Quality wraparound sunglasses and a broad brimmed hat are the best defenses during outdoor activities. But did you know that there are equally harmful wavelengths in the visible spectrum that we are increasingly exposed to on a daily basis? Blue-light is scientifically recognized as harmful to the retina. LEDs used in smart phones, tablets and computer screens emit up to 30% blue light. The 415 to 455 nm range represents the greatest phototoxic risk to the health of important retinal cells in the macula and damage is likely due to cumulative exposure.

We now offer a complete line of ophthalmic lenses that goes beyond optical correction! Our selective photo-protective ophthalmic lenses filter out UV radiation and significantly attenuate harmful blue-violet light while permitting beneficial blue-turquoise light (responsible for mood, memory, wakefulness) to pass.

We look forward to providing you with spectacle lens technology that addresses all of your visual and ocular health needs.

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