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Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision techniques and instrumentation continue to evolve and through our close affiliation with TLC Laser Eye Centers we know that nobody does it better! Tired of wearing your spectacles and contact lenses? This may just be the right time to take the laser plunge!

For suitable laser vision correction candidates, we provide

  • All appointments, directions, and bookings conveniently arranged. All you need to do is be there!
  • Your own personal advocates to monitor your post-operative progress and assist you in reaching your visual goals
  • A 24 hour answering service with our doctors on call for ocular emergencies
  • Extensive doctors’ hours: six days a week (no Saturday hours during summer months)
  • Our commitment to maintain the highest level of quality follow-up care which is essential for assuring your continued success after your laser vision procedure.

For non-suitable laser vision correction candidates, we provide

  • A complete explanation of why the procedure is not recommended for you at this time.
  • A strong research and development chain that may allow for a successful laser vision correction procedure in the near future.
  • Alternatives to laser vision correction from among the most advanced and respected contact lens practice in the world.