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Scleral Lenses For Keratoconus In New York City

Fortunately, Drs. Farkas, Kassalow, Resnick & Associates, in Manhattan and Roslyn, NY, have a specialty solution that may help you begin wearing contact lenses successfully and comfortably once again!

What are scleral contact lenses?

Scleral contact lenses are a special type of large diameter rigid gas permeable contact lenses (varying in size from 14.5 mm to 24 mm across) that actually pass over the cornea entirely, resting comfortably on the white of your eye, called the sclera.

Scleral lenses are then able to essentially replace the irregular surface of the cornea, caused by keratoconus, with a perfectly formed, dome-shaped optical surface. You'll be able to enjoy perfectly crisp vision again, without the need for surgery.

The size of the scleral lens that a person needs is often determined by how severe their keratoconus is. Mild cases of keratoconus are less costly, whereas more advanced cases of keratoconus are considered more complicated to treat, and usually require larger, more costly, scleral lenses.

Since scleral lenses are always custom made to fit the unique contours of your eye, and fit to your particular condition of keratoconus, fitting of this type of specialty lens requires a specific expertise and a greater amount of time fitting than with standard gas permeable and soft contact lenses.

Fortunately, we have the expertise, the patience and the technology required, at both our Roslyn and Manhattan locations, to properly help you with this.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of scleral contact lenses?

A lot of our Manhatten and Roslyn patients who are considering scleral contact lenses want to know what the advantages and disadvantages are.

While we obviously love them and believe they are a wonderful solution to anyone with Kerataconus, here are some pros and cons of scleral contact lenses:

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Advantages of Scleral Contact Lenses

  • The lens rests over the cornea instead of on the cornea, like normal contact lenses, thus not causing unwanted touching or damage to the already thinned cornea
  • The lens is full of saline which means that they stay moist throughout the day, something normal contact lenses often lack
  • They can fit almost all misshaped corneal surfaces
  • They are durable, remain in place, and don't allow dust to enter the eye
  • They are very comfortable
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Disadvantages of Scleral Contact Lenses

  • The lenses are much larger than normal contact lenses and take time to learn how to handle them
  • Their cost is a bit higher than normal contact lenses
  • They are hard to find but the good news is, we carry them!

Make your appointment today to experience superior comfort and vision at Drs. Farkas, Kassalow, Resnick & Associates!